Status @ 2009-11-23

What I’m doing during this days:

-Test KDE-4.3 on SPARC.
Six months ago or so, the KDE team asked to the archteams to keyword KDE-4.2. SPARC was left out because one of its dependencies, webkit, sigbused. I remember some person told me that they were dealing with that upstream, I don’t remember who tbh. At the end nothing came from that, and some weeks ago KDE-3.5 got masked.

Unfortunately no one told me KDE-3.5 was getting masked, leaving the users of all arches except amd64/x86 without a stable KDE. Since on the KDE-4.3 stabilization bug there was only amd64 and x86 CC’ed. I expressed my (bad) thoughts about that to the KDE team. I didn’t expect they would mask KDE-3.5 without caring for the other arches, or without telling me, considering i’m on three of the six affected arches(alpha hppa ia64 ppc ppc64 sparc).

Anyway, the patch from Debian for SPARC not sigbusing on webkit/qt-webkit was applied, since webkit’s upstream hasn’t fixed the problem yet. Both webkit/qt-webkit got ~sparc. ATM i’m still emerging 35 of 348 dependencies KDE-4.3 needs.

-GNOME-2.26 stabilization
Another surprise, the GNOME team dropped ia64 and sparc keywords on gnome-base/gnome. I just discovered this yesterday, but its been that way for a long time. As i said to the GNOME team, i remember keywording some packages, but they didn’t told in any bug that they dropped the keywords on the gnome meta ebuild. Anyway, they understood what i told them and they’ll take care of that next time 🙂

For sparc there was a problem, xulrunner-1.9 wasn’t keyworded back when gnome-2.26 made it to the tree, it wasn’t keyworded because…i can’t remember…i think it was related to the included sqlite on xulrunner, which had unaligned accesses and made firefox, and everything using xulrunner sigbus. That mean that i was unable to keyword yelp, as it depends on xulrunner-1.9. But xulrunner-1.9 has been working on sparc for some time 🙂 So i tested yelp and keyworded it ~sparc today, along with gnome-base/gnome

-Xulrunner-1.9.1/Firefox-3.5 on SPARC
I’ll write about this another day. But it should be working soon.

-ARMv7 stages
Yes! I'm working on this! How? Well, i'm still waiting for someone to provide me an ARMv7 board capable of doing 24h compiling. Once I get one, I will build them. Unfortunately, no one has offered me that kind of board. The Beagleboard is a nice device, but it needs an external power supply and an USB hub for plugging an USB hdd. I'm also waiting for the Efika MX i got assigned to arrive.

Thats it for today.


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