Just wanted to let everyone know about the status on the autobuilds. As you probably know, Gentoo now offers autobuilt stage3s and installcd’s, that means you’ll always have recent stuff to start your Gentoo installation. Those are built automatically in some cases, and some other cases are built manually(as in needing someone to tell it to build them).

I did this page some time ago, so the people asking about when the builds get done could have an answer:

I know i’m a bit repetitive, but I still want to offer armv6/armv7 stages, which as i said on the previous blogpost, we’re unable to provide due to lack of reliable hardware. I’ll write about ARMv7 on another blogpost 🙂

As you can see in the link, we have pretty much all the arches covered except m68k and mips, along with the bsd’s.
We don’t have hardware for m68k, and the autobuilds for mips and bsds are up to the respective teams. It would be nice to have mips stages, as the current ones are from 2006 and you have some serious issues upgrading them… I could help with an O2 i got from work, but it came with a 2GB SCSI hdd, and i ran out of space. I have some SCSI disks, but they aren’t SCA, which it looks like the O2 needs.

Have fun


3 Responses to “Autobuilds”

  1. Pavel Says:

    A slightly OT question: At the end of September I built a new gentoo box and wanted to use btrfs with 2.6.31 right from the start. Unfortunately no mkfs.btrfs available at that time. Would it be possible to add btrfs-utils to the autobuilds and enable btrfs support on the kernels?

    Thanks, Pavel 🙂

    • armin762 Says:

      Well, autobuilds are based on stable. So first 2.6.31 needs to be marked stable, and then btrfs-progs needs to be marked stable as well. You can file a bug for the latter. Once it’s done, feel free to file a bug requesting to be included on the autobuilds.

  2. Gilles Dartiguelongue Says:

    Reading through my rss history, I have a couple of 73GB SCSI disks with SCA connectors here, how many do you want ?

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