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Google Chrome(the browser) on ARM

December 28, 2009


Some weeks ago i got bored and tried to build www-client/chromium natively on ARM, armv5tel-softfloat to be exact.

-The first thing i got is that it uses a lot of RAM to build, using all of the 512MB of RAM the Marvell Sheevaplug has. Since we have a Marvell board that was donated to us that is able to use sticks of RAM, it has 3GB of RAM, i decided to build chromium on that machine.

-Second, failed to build. It tried to use x86 assembler code, obviously that wasn’t going to work. The ubuntu guys started playing with it as well on ARM. Obviously they have time and hardware, and they also get paid for it. They fixed the issues and they forwarded the fixes to upstream, which were applied quickly.

-Third, i was able to build it, took some hours, around 10 hours. After starting it, it crashes with an X error. If i execute it again, it “works”. I say “works” because its not able to open Google’s web page, but its able to open and Its probably due to javascript not working…

The Gentoo ARM users who want to emerge www-client/chromium they can do so, i added the parameters that was needed for it to build on ARM:
-Dtarget_arch=arm -Ddisable_nacl=1 -Dv8_use_snapshot=false -Dlinux_use_tcmalloc=0

I didn’t keyword it, though, as for what i said on the third comment, i feel its still a bit buggy and doesn’t deserve a keyword yet.

(the red dots are due to my graphic card, its a bit burned out)

I also created a binpkg for it:

Let me know how it goes 🙂
I found it rather interesting that at runtime it doesn’t eat too much RAM…


KDE-4.3.4 on alpha/ia64/sparc and ~arm

December 27, 2009


Today I was going to do the stabilization of KDE-4.3.4 on alpha/ia64/sparc after i got the OK from two members of the KDE team in Gentoo. Unfortunately turns out that 4.3.4 is not supposed to go stable as it needs some dependencies first, so i had to revert it. The positive part of this is that i didn’t lost too much time as i reverted it after 30 packages of ~300 and that i have tested 4.3.4 anyway.

Also for our ARM users out there, i’ll be keywording kdebase-meta-4.3.4 on the following days(I hope before new year). Before doing so i need to have net-libs/webkit-gtk stable…and ATM its not even keyworded. Will keep you updated!

ARMv7 stages available

December 18, 2009

Hello everyone,

Finally we have the ARMv7 stages available, you’ll find them your favourite mirror, under the releases/arm directory.

These are possible thanks to Genesi USA‘s project. I filed a request for getting an Efika MX to port Gentoo to the ARMv7 architecture, and i received the board last week. So thanks to them for helping us, like they’ve done in the past.

The stages are built with the following CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS:
“-Os -march=armv7-a -mfpu=vfp -mfloat-abi=softfp -pipe” and the armv7a-unknown-linux-gnueabi CHOST.
I know in the -mpfu parameter i can use neon, but the Marvell Dove ARMv7a implementation doesn’t have the NEON fpu.
I’ve also updated my buildtimes page with the info of the Efika MX.

Whats left to do:
-Document it
-armv6 stages
-Play with CFLAGS
-binary repositories for tinderboxing

Let me know if you have any suggestion.

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armv4l/armv4tl/armv5tel December stages released

December 11, 2009

Hello everyone,

Sorry i forgot to build the ARM stages last month. But this month’s stages are released. You’ll find them on your favourite mirror, as always.