KDE-4.3.4 on alpha/ia64/sparc and ~arm


Today I was going to do the stabilization of KDE-4.3.4 on alpha/ia64/sparc after i got the OK from two members of the KDE team in Gentoo. Unfortunately turns out that 4.3.4 is not supposed to go stable as it needs some dependencies first, so i had to revert it. The positive part of this is that i didn’t lost too much time as i reverted it after 30 packages of ~300 and that i have tested 4.3.4 anyway.

Also for our ARM users out there, i’ll be keywording kdebase-meta-4.3.4 on the following days(I hope before new year). Before doing so i need to have net-libs/webkit-gtk stable…and ATM its not even keyworded. Will keep you updated!


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