Google Chrome/Chromium keyworded ~arm(the definitive post)

If you’ve followed my blog lately, you’ll remember that i played with chromium on ARM. First i had some issues with javascript not working…turns out that it was an v8 issue that doesn’t seem to work on ARMv5TE and lower. Then i had it working perfectly with ARMv7 and failing to build on ARMv5TE.

I’ll write the result of all the tests a bit later on this post, first let me post some images two users have sent to me.

The first is from the user slonopotamus that runs the Gentoo on the N8x0 project, running obviously on his Nokia N800(armv6j).

Chromium running on the N800 under Gentoo (Picture by slonopotamus)

The second is from the user javaJake from the Neuvoo project, a screenshot of Chromium working on a BeagleBoard(armv7a) running Gentoo.

Chromium running on a BeagleBoard under Gentoo (Pic by javaJake)

So now let me explain what i found out with all this issues.

On an ARMv5TE system we can build the chromium browser while disabling the v8 build. However as i pointed out on the first post about Google Chrome, all pages that use javascript didn’t work. Enabling the v8 build on an ARMv5TE system makes it fail to compile, as i pointed out on the second post šŸ™‚

On an ARMv6J or newer(ARMv7-A) system, it works with and without building v8. Both javaJake and slonopotamus confirmed this to me, as you can see from their screenshots. I was unable to test it on the Efika MX until i finished the stagebuilding.
There was a small problem and that was that if you enabled v8 build, it failed because it tried to use -m32 in the CFLAGS, which won’t work on ARM. But i think that’s been fixed. I wrote about it on the second post.

And that’s pretty much it…after that and finding out that chromium *WON’T* work on <ARMv6J, i keyworded it ~arm.


5 Responses to “Google Chrome/Chromium keyworded ~arm(the definitive post)”

  1. Jon Says:

    Can Google apps really to be trusted after using their intrusive privacy policy for so long?

  2. Christopher Friedt Says:

    Just out of curiosity, what is it that makes Chrome definitively not work on < armv6j?

    • armin762 Says:

      I explained the issues on the two previous blogposts…the browser works, what doesn’t work is javascript, that pretty much means all webpages.

  3. Ed Tomlinson Says:

    Would it make more sense to create packages for the type of arm and make chromium depend on those packages? This way it would install fine when it can work… Now its a bit like saying chromium will not work on a 486 so lets make it ~x86.

    Please take this as a suggestion – I do not mean to sound or be harsh.


    • armin762 Says:

      I don’t understand fully your statement…

      I know its a bit sucky that its keyworded ~arm but doesn’t work on less than ARMv6J, but at the moment we don’t have any way to differenciate between stuff that works on a subarch and doesn’t on another…

      Nevertheless no one has complained, so…

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