=kde-base/kdebase-meta-4.3.4 keyworded ~arm and Qualcomm MSM7201A ARMv6 processor

We now have kde-base/kdebase-meta keyworded on ~arm.

That would give you an enough KDE desktop. Its not the same as a full KDE, but since we lack manpower for keywording everything arm and then stabilize it…this is what we can give you meanwhile. We hope to have it stable soon, probably once 4.3.5 is stabilized(and released first) on the rest of the arches.

And to not make this entry so short, i’m going to write about the Qualcomm MSM7201A ARMv6 processor which you can find on the G1/HTC Dream PDA, and maybe other some devices.

The other day a Gentoo user came at #gentoo-embedded(irc.freenode.net) saying that he couldn’t run the armv6j stage we published, on this G1 Dream, he reported “Illegal instruction”. That was kinda weird, since i thought that all the ARMv6 processors(or those being announced as ARMv6-compliant) had VFP. A quick search around the interweb returns that Android devs had the same issue.

So if you plan to use Gentoo on your HTC Dream or any PDA or device having said Qualcomm processor, you’ll need to use an ARMv5TE stage which has softfloat by default. I don’t plan to build softfloat ARMv6 stages unless there’s a need for it, and this just has been the only case…

I hope the smartbooks/netbooks based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon doesn’t lack VFP as well.


One Response to “=kde-base/kdebase-meta-4.3.4 keyworded ~arm and Qualcomm MSM7201A ARMv6 processor”

  1. nemasu Says:

    Aaaahh nuts, wish I read this a couple days ago haha. Back to armv5.

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