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Sheevaplug vs Efika MX vs Nvidia Tegra2 vs TI OMAP4 Pandaboard: benchmarks

January 29, 2011

Hi everyone,

I’m writing this post just to publish some results of benchmarks i’ve done lately on the ARM devices i have. They seem pretty popular, so i guess i could publish them on my blog so other people have it easy to find them.

== memcpy ==

The most popular one is the memcpy benchmark. It was written by a gentoo user and friend Siarhei Siamashka (ssvb is his nick on He published it on:
I simply ran it on the devices i have.

You can get the latest results of this benchmark on the devices i’ve been able to run the benchmark on the following page:

== Gentoo build times ==

If you’ve read my blog before, you’ll know i have a page where i list the buildtimes of different basic packages(binutils, gcc, glibc and portage) on different kind of machines to compare it. The page is here:

Unfortunately those results have a problem, i only did a part of them myself, the rest were provided by other people, and as you can see they were using different kind of storage… so last year i decided i could do a new page where all the build times were using the same storage (USB stick), same package versions and same configuration…

The result is this one:

Hope you find them useful.