TrimSlice and Gentoo


In this post i’ll speak about putting Gentoo on the trimslice.

Months ago the people from kindly sent me a devkit for the purpose of documenting and supporting Gentoo on it. It took me a while because i’ve had a lot of stuff going on at work, and because Stephen Klimaszewski(steev) started documentating it, but since he doesn’t have time to finish it, i decided to do it myself.

Therefore i’d like to announce the guide for installing Gentoo on the Trimslice. Check it out at: and feel free to send corrections to my way, either by mail or by putting a comment on this post.

Regarding the hardware provided by the pandaboard, here’s what i got:
-Audio(non HDMI): Works fine.
-Bluetooth: No bluetooth on the devkit.
-Wifi: No wifi on the devkit.
-SD slot: Works fine
-Ethernet: Works fine
-Video: Works fine

Let me remind you about the overlay for Tegra devices, which includes the video drivers and libraries for Tegra, based on the L4T released by Nvidia.

I’d like to thank the people at for their support and the hard work they’re doing with the open source community and dealing with Nvidia for us.

Also, probably you’ve heard about hardfloat graphics drivers for the TrimSlice or Tegra-based devices. They’re real, although Nvidia has said they’ll build them but won’t support them, it hasn’t been clear about the licensing. You can find them on the images of Meego and ArchLinux ARM for the Trimslice.

These hardfloat drivers can be integrated into an image, but the tarball can’t be published as of now. Thats why i can’t create ebuilds for them on Gentoo.

Have fun!


One Response to “TrimSlice and Gentoo”

  1. Alexey Charkov Says:

    In case anybody is also so inclined to get those binary hardfloat Xorg drivers and libraries for Tegra, here’s a location I found after some googling:

    This particular link may be volatile, though.

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