Beaglebone documentation updated

Hi all,

I’ve got some reports that my Beaglebone guide is outdated and giving some troubles regarding the bootloader and kernel.

While as of vanilla kernel 3.6.1 doesn’t support the beaglebone, U-Boot 2012.10-rc3 does support it, so i’ve tested all thechanges and updated the guide accordingly.

You can find it in
Some changes i’ve noticed in almost a year since i did the documentation:

  • The bug (by design they said) which made the USB port stop working after unplugging a device (check my post about the Beaglebone) is now fixed
  • CPU scaling is working, although the default governor is ‘userspace’. The default speed with this governor is:

a) 600MHz if powering it using a PSU through the 5V power connector, remember that the maximum speed of the  Beaglebone is 720MHz

b) 500MHz if powering it using the mini-USB port

Have fun


One Response to “Beaglebone documentation updated”

  1. Paul Says:

    Many thanks for that – very clear and easily understood documentation. I followed your instructions, and only had one issue: When linking net.eth0 and sshd, the links were pointing to /media/rootfs/etc/init.d/net.eth0 and [same root path]/sshd. In the booted environment on the beaglebone, these paths don’t exist. I then created the links via the sd card on my main pc with “ln -s /etc/init.d/net.eth0 /media/rootfs/etc/runlevels/default/” which created the links correctly.
    You might want to modify the documentation accordingly (or let me know what I did wrong!). Also, it is worth setting up a sync to the local gentoo pc to get the latest portage, but I recognise this is probably beyond your documentation. You could put a link in though to the relevant file.

    Thanks again!

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