The new BeagleBone Black and Gentoo

Hi all, long time no see.

Some weeks ago I got an early version of the BeagleBone Black from the people at to create the documentation I always create with every device I get.

Like always i’d like to announce the guide for installing Gentoo in the BeagleBone Black. Have a look at: . Feel free to send any corrections my way.

This board is a new version of the original BeagleBone, known in the community as BeagleBone white, for which I wrote a post for it:

This new version differs in some aspects with the previous version:

  • Cheaper: 45$ vs 89$ of the BeagleBone white
  • 512MB DDR3L RAM vs 256MB DDR2 RAM of the BeagleBone white
  • 1GHz of processor speed vs 720MHz of the BeagleBone white, both when using an external PSU for power

Also it has more features which the old BeagleBone didn’t had

  • miniHDMI output
  • 2GB eMMC

However the new version has missing:

  • Serial port and JTAG through the miniUSB interface

The reason for missing this feature is cost cutting measures, as can be read in the Reference manual.

The full specs of the BeagleBone Black are:
# ARMv7-A 1GHz TI AM3358/9 ARM Cortex-A8 processor
# SMSC LAN8710 Ethernet card
# 1x microSDHC slot
# 1x USB 2.0 Type-A port
# 1x mini-USB 2.0 OTG port
# 1x RJ45
# 1x 6 pin 3.3V TTL Header for serial
# Reset, power and user-defined button

More info about the specs in BeagleBone Black’s webpage.

For those curious as me, here’s the bootlog and the cpuinfo.

I’ve found two issues while working on it:

  1. The USB port doesn’t have a working hotplug detection. That means that if you plug an USB device in the USB port, it will be only detected once, if you remove the USB device, the USB port will stop working. I’ve been told that they are working on it. I haven’t been able to find a workaround for it.
  2. The BeagleBone Black doesn’t detect an microSD card when plugged in when its been booted from the eMMC. If you want to use a microSD card for additional storage, it must be inserted before it boots.

I’d like to thank the people at for providing me a Beaglebone Black to document this.

Have fun!


14 Responses to “The new BeagleBone Black and Gentoo”

  1. Disney Says:

    Thanks for the writeup. I’m tempted to buy one of these boards but i am curious have you tried getting video acceleration running?

    • Raúl Porcel Says:

      To be honest, no. I’m not sure what kind of drivers this accepts, apart from fb. Maybe xf86-video-omap? I can’t test either, because i have an A4 revision board, which had non-working SGX part.

  2. anon Says:

    is it still possible to use an external JTAG adapter?

  3. gens Says:

    it is sys-devel/crossdev instead of dev-util/crossdev now

  4. H7iKlrRtHRKLKxOVE3mHDaMYdnkE0hd Says:


    I’m wondering if you can upload an image of your eMMC gentoo, or your SD card gentoo. I tried to get it to run, but I think I did everything right, but it is failing to boot up and I don’t have the right cables to see what is going on…

  5. Pankaj Kumar Says:

    Can you please provide an arch linux arm image with graphical desktop environment for beaglebone black board? I shall remain thankful for that.

    Best Regards …
    Pankaj Kumar

    • Raúl Porcel Says:

      Unfortuntely I’m not familiar with arch linux arm, so i can’t do that…

      • Niv Says:

        can you please archive the /boot and offer it online? My main OS is no ubuntu and I am having a hard time cross compiling uboot and the kernel. I tried using the /boot from the ubuntu image offered online, but can’t boot gentoo with it

  6. Giuseppe Says:

    Do you have resolved USB hotplug on Beagle?


  7. Niv Says: has a fault at line 11:
    please replace it with:
    if [ -z `which bc` ]; then

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