Gentoo/m68k in the ARAnyM emulator

Hi all,

During the last 6 months I may have disappeared a bit, but to be honest apart from real life stuff, I’ve been doing something that isn’t visible.

I’ve been working in some S390 documentation, Gentoo’s “port”(a stage3) of aarch64(hope to finish it soon), and what about this post is about.

Gentoo supports m68k since a long time ago, but there wasn’t any stage3 available for installing Gentoo into an m68k machine. I recommend to read if you don’t know what m68k is.

So I decided to try out the ARAnyM emulator which is what Debian uses for its buildd(the machines that build the binary packages). Starting from a Debian installation I bootstrapped a Gentoo installation(that was a lot of months ago, I don’t even remember how I did it…).

I did all of this in my own workstation, then after a lot of asking I got a server loaned from Gentoo’s Infra to build the stages (link) and the binary packages (link). I also updated the app-emulation/aranym ebuild in the portage tree with the latest version and enabling some important stuff.

Anyway, I decided to make a howto so other people could try Gentoo on m68k using the ARAnyM emulator as well. According to ARAnyM’s website, its even faster than a real m68k, and you can have a lot of RAM as well. At least is way faster than the emulator of aarch64 which is REAL slow.

You can check out the howto here:

Hope you like it and have some fun playing with m68k 🙂


One Response to “Gentoo/m68k in the ARAnyM emulator”

  1. Emmanuel Vasilakis Says:

    Great! makes me want to take the A3000 out of the closet… I know there been installations on the Amiga, but haven’t tried it myself.

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